About Us

PWM Semiconductors Srl is an Italian company based in Formello (RM)
We are specialists in the distribution of Wireless components and accessories, distributors of passive and active electronic components, connection systems, electromechanical components, photovoltaic for domestic applications in Micro-Inverter technology, material for wiring and components for automation.

Our strengths are the service, flexibility and availability of products in stock and managed technical support with our Design Center capable of supporting customers not only with the FAE, but also with the development of comprehensive solutions of SW and HW on request.

Present directly with agents and trade officials in Italy, we want to be partner of the customer in order to find together the best solution during design and manufacture, providing our expertise and professionalism acquired in years of experience in professional electronic world, informed and motivated.

We also believe, that it is extremely important to build solid relationships in order to support the specific needs of our clients with a strong technical support and the warehouse that represent important resources where we invested more.

Thanks to this unique mix of entrepreneurship and familiarity of desire to grow, professional ethics, attention to detail, PWM is today at the same time well established company and starting point towards new ambitious goals supported by Wireless applications increasingly current.

Aspiration to improve themselves and then, with the greatest attention to his past, routes in recent years alongside its customers with simple values, clear, durable, who gave birth to a commercial and industrial realities, solid, impeccable.

It's all here the secret of success PWM, that little bit extra that makes it a unique and irreplaceable partner to rely on, which gives tranquillity and security.